Nikki Schuster explains counselling and psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy and counselling?

Some say counselling is about working with current difficulties or crisis and psychotherapy is used to work out deeper, longer term problems, perhaps working through problems from the past.

My own thinking is that it is about working with a professional who is appropriately qualified and experienced sufficiently to provide you with an opportunity to be listened to while you talk about whatever is troubling you. I will work with you to find ways for you to understand yourself better. Having gained this understanding we can work together to help you to develop ways of living your life they way you want.

How I work

Everyone is different and has different requirements. I work with you at your pace. It may be that you will have a very clear goal to wish to achieve and so a short term contract is right for you. It may also be that you wish to enter into some deep exploration and not impose a strict contract length. This being the case we will review regularly to ensure that we continue to work together effectively.