Nikki Schuster, psychotherapist and counsellor serving East London and Essex

Supervision for psychotherapists and counsellors in East London and Essex

I provide one to one and group supervision. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Supervision from The Minster Centre. It is my aim that:

“In Supervision a counsellor is able to focus on the interaction with the client in a collaborative and supportive environment.”
Lendrum & Syme 2004, p.207

I think it facilitates the trust and openness that makes supervision a vital and useful tool for counsellors and clients.

I hold with the belief that:

“What is vital for the supervisor is to remain reality based; not to over-emphasize and overplay strengths nor to underplay weaknesses, so that the person ends up with a realistic assessment of his points for development.”
Gilbert & Evans 2000, p.57

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