Nikki Schuster explains how counselling and psychotherapy works

About me

I have had 6 years of specific training in counselling and psychotherapy. I believe one needs to constantly learn and am committed to my ongoing professional development. More recently, I completed a Diploma in Integrative Supervision from The Minster Centre.

The way I work

Being integrative means that I draw on several different models of psychotherapy. I will use them together to help you better understand your dilemmas, your way of being and to reach a decision on how to move forward.

I hold with the existential belief that life has no essential (given) meaning: any meaning has to be found or created. Existential counselling involves making sense of life through your world view: I believe that you are the expert on you. When we work together to understand you and a better way of facing life and life problems, I believe we can find a way forward that will allow you to feel you have choices and can determine your future in your terms.

I am happy to talk with you in more detail about the models that inform my practice upon enquiry.

What is accreditation?

I am a BACP Accredited, integrative counsellor/psychotherapist and abide by their code of ethics.

According to the British Association of counselling and psychotherapy (BACP)

“Accreditation enables clients, employers and colleagues to recognise proven, competent practitioners. This means that the selection of a counsellor or therapist can be based on an informed choice rather than speculation.”

The BACP counsellor/psychotherapist accreditation scheme standard is

“to demonstrate the capacity for independent, competent, ethical practice”

My experience

I clinically manage a counselling charity in East London, where I see clients, do assessments and supervise counsellors.

I am also a trainer, I work as an associate for Beat the Eating Disorders Charity. I have also worked for Lambeth Domestic Violence Forum providing training around domestic violence to works and those effected in the borough. I have also developed and delivered training on a wide range of issues. I am currently delivering parent support workshops and counselling skills training. I consider it essential to develop these areas as they always increase my own learning.

I have experience of working with a wide range of issues, including eating disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, post natal depression, domestic violence, relationship difficulties, gender issues, OCDs, loneliness, personal crisis or conflict.